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Last few days I am noticing gmail file attachment is quite slow then yahoo. I have analyzed my friend circle they are facing same. But now a days I am facing all the site are opening fast but only the google babu is slow. May be my internet slow If any one facing the same problem lets have there comment here.

google yahoo


Today I searched in Google with the ‘ampminsure‘ keyword and I found a result which makes me stunned. Check the n0. 7th link. I found a site is using all the information from ampminsure and also using ampminsure template.
After reading many articles I came to know this is actually a hijacking website.
Yes AmPmInsure is Hijacked by SteadyEarning site and using all the articles of ampminsure.

See I am presenting these two sites’ snap shot, seeing both of the sites you will not find any difference. Steady Earning even uses the AmPmInsure logo. They have just changed the name written on logo.


AmPmInsure Site Screen Shot


SteadyEarning Site Screen Shot

If this type of crime is committed by any website and appears among the search results, then who will be the responsible Google or the site who are doing illegal activities ?

Ohhhh! again the same question arises on the google search engine developer, just as I mentioned in my last post.

I read some blog post about this lemme share with you….

My colleague today, showed me her scrap book on Orkut. She has received a spam which has no name, no avatar. This user can be answered from the quick reply but we cannot visit the home page.

This is the screen shot of the scrap book ->

Orkut smart spammer

Is this a Google failure or user intelligence? What does Google say?

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