Have you interest to install who is lookups on domain names. Here is an exciting php script you need to install.

Steps to install.


function whois ($query, $server = “whois.internic.net”) {
$handle = fsockopen ($server, 43);
fwrite ($handle,$query);
while (!feof ($handle)) {
$results .= fread ($handle, 102400);
if ($server == ‘whois.internic.net’) {
preg_match (‘#Whois Server: (.*)#’, $results, $matches);
$results = whois ($query, $matches[1]);
return $results;
echo whois ($_REQUEST[‘domain’]);

For Linux Server use this code :


$domain = $_REQUEST[‘domain’];
$output = shell_exec(“whois $domain”);
echo $output;

Copy this code and paste it in a file called whois.php in your root directory

2. Open the web browser type http://www.yourdomain.com/whois.php?domain=http://www.anydomain.com

Now you can check who is of any domain from your site.
Enjoy coding. 🙂

Those who want to add a class for whois Download from here