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My colleague today, showed me her scrap book on Orkut. She has received a spam which has no name, no avatar. This user can be answered from the quick reply but we cannot visit the home page.

This is the screen shot of the scrap book ->

Orkut smart spammer

Is this a Google failure or user intelligence? What does Google say?


Have you interest to install who is lookups on domain names. Here is an exciting php script you need to install.

Steps to install.


function whois ($query, $server = “”) {
$handle = fsockopen ($server, 43);
fwrite ($handle,$query);
while (!feof ($handle)) {
$results .= fread ($handle, 102400);
if ($server == ‘’) {
preg_match (‘#Whois Server: (.*)#’, $results, $matches);
$results = whois ($query, $matches[1]);
return $results;
echo whois ($_REQUEST[‘domain’]);

For Linux Server use this code :


$domain = $_REQUEST[‘domain’];
$output = shell_exec(“whois $domain”);
echo $output;

Copy this code and paste it in a file called whois.php in your root directory

2. Open the web browser type

Now you can check who is of any domain from your site.
Enjoy coding. 🙂

Those who want to add a class for whois Download from here